Assessments Pinpoint where you are right now, compared to industry standards.

SKILL INVENTORIES – the way to measure your progress

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Your inventories helped us pinpoint hidden stumbling blocks. Now we can coach to those issues and save tremendous time. Guesswork is a thing of the past. It was especially interesting to see how eager our seasoned people were to find out how they’re doing. VP Sales, Leading Manufacturer

What is A Skills Inventory Assessment?

A Skills Inventory Assessment is a detailed report of skills and behaviors that flag areas of competency and opportunities for development. We call them a Skills Inventory because they are not a test, as assessments are often perceived to be. Instead, professionals self-evaluate their “inventory” of current skills against critical competencies in Sales, Customer Service, or Leadership so that they can achieve and stay in peak performance.

Results are provided in a hierarchy of skills, from strengths to opportunities for development. By constantly honing skills to stay on track, employees can best serve their customer’s needs and improve business results. Chart Learning Solutions’ Skill Inventory reports in Sales, Customer Service, and Leadership provide a Gap Analysis for individuals and groups.

Why A Gap Analysis?

Skill Inventories in Sales, Customer Service, and Leadership provide two reports that measure gaps in performance:

  • pinpoint areas of strengths and opportunities for development
  • survey abilities, assets, and resources for management and supervisory excellence
  • organize a strategic approach for skill improvement based on real needs
  • eliminate ineffective habits and behaviors
  • save valuable time in managing performance—coaching to specific needed areas
  • motivate behavior towards measurable goals
  • diagnose skill deficiencies and gaps causing poor performance
  • provide a behavioral measurement tool for tracking performance
  • create accountability and develop peak performance
  • eliminate management/supervisory slumps

No matter how much experience we’ve had, we all have strengths, limitations, and developmental opportunities. No one is perfect all the time. We need to assess what’s consciously and unconsciously lacking in our skills or behaviors if we are to maximize our energy, time, and resources.

Now is the time to assess where you are.

Beginner, intermediate, and experienced pros will all benefit from learning not only the process of achieving Off-the-Chart Results™, but also the skills, attitudes, and behaviors necessary to create peak performance. Our assessments are based on 60 years of combined research to provide you with insights that literally soar “off-the-chart,” beyond imagined expectations.

Three assessment topics of Skill Inventories are available:


SALES Sales Cycle-ManagementSales Self-Management

Increase sales by assessing your prospect-facing and self-facing skills. You’ll also learn effective skill sequences for driving sales. Our on-line 120 questions diagnose strengths and
developmental opportunities.

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CUSTOMER SERVICE Service Cycle-ManagementService Self-Management

Build customer loyalty and five-star service by assessing your customer-facing and self-facing skills. Our on-line 80 questions diagnose strengths and developmental opportunities.
Why guess?

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LEADERSHIP Leadership Development

Everything you do produces a result so results matter. Assess your leadership skills while learning the skill sequence for driving leadership results. Our on-line 60 questions immediately diagnose strengths and developmental opportunities.

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