Blended Learning We provide blended learning courses for continuous improvement.


  1. What if you invested thousands of dollars in training and it didn’t work?
  2. What if there was a way to guarantee that your learning objectives were met?
  3. What if there was a way to create lasting cultural change and behavioral shifts?


Blended Learning is the Answer

Our blended learning courses are activity-based one-day workshops that ensure performance results meet business objectives. It blends the best of on-demand eLearning with live coaching and interactive job aides to provide a step-by-step road map towards skill mastery. Upon completion of a course, learners demonstrate the transfer of mission-critical skills, knowledge, and behaviors in live coaching sessions.

We offer subscriptions to our 300 tutorials in Sales, Customer Service, and Leadership, or life-time licenses of our Course Libraries, allowing your custom content to be added.

Our courses provide a customized or off-the-shelf blended learning system that typically follow assessments and classroom training. They may also stand alone as a detailed coaching guide for driving desired results over time. Chart Learning Solutions offers 56 courses in sales, customer service, and leadership/management skills.

Benefits of CHART’s Blended Learning Courses

Our courses provide a structured, activity-based coaching guide for supervisors, managers, directors, trainers, or lead personnel to facilitate on-going employee learning
targeted at specific performance objectives.

  • 1. Blended Learning SystemCreates a culture of continuous learning and results-driven improvement as a consistent part of on-going learning initiatives.
  • 4. AccountabilityMeasures skill gaps with Skill Inventory Assessments, Managed Accountability Plans, Application Activities, quizzes, and monthly Coach/Learner evaluation.
  • 2. Cost-SavingReduces opportunity costs by eliminating travel expenses and pulling staff from their work—technology does the traveling for you.
  • 5. CoachingHelps employer and employee identify and overcome Performance Obstacles.
  • 3. ConvenienceCourses are accessible 24/7, 365 days a week, on-line or off-line, viewable on multiple devices, eliminating travel expenses and down-time.
  • 6. Innovative TechnologyInteractive tutorials, paperless Application Activities, Learning Communities, Coaching Scheduler, Goal Action Planners (GAPs™) and on-line learner progress tracking.

How CHART’s Blended Learning Resolves Performance Issues

  • Creates a common language and continuous process for driving results by eliminating duplication of efforts or hit-and-miss “spot” training approaches.
  • Integrates divergent resources into one organized plan, increasing accountability, transfer of learning, learner retention, and enhancing peak performance.
  • Creates consistency in team evaluation, progress reports, and high-impact performance results.
  • Maximizes efficiency by significantly reducing training time and costs.
  • Reaches unlimited learners in multiple locations through web-based MAPs.
  • Stabilizes training efforts with a proven producer development system.
  • Streamlines approaches to sales management, eliminating inefficiency, and duplication of effort. Wasted time is virtually eliminated.
  • Accelerates the speed of ramping-up productivity for all producers, resulting in a faster, guaranteed ROI. It is impossible for anyone to “fall through the cracks.” Chart’s blended system enables complete transparency of learning. If there is a skill deficiency, the system is designed to find it and fix it.