Customization Choose exactly what you want. It’s up to you.

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Chart Learning Solutions’ customization ranges from owning your own branded Training Accountability Platform (Learning Management System), with ready-to-go content and/or customized courses of your choice. We also provide our courses on your platform or integrate our platform to your Learning Management System for seamless integration and tracking.

You may also simply subscribe to our platform with over 300 units of ready-to-go content so that you’re up and running quickly. We offer enterprise-wide training programs so that every employee has relevant courses for their development as part of their core competency training. Each module has been designed to customize itself to your work environment, while learners work within the system!

We continually add new courses. If you don’t see what you want, just ask! We’ll develop it for you. If you want CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) added to your Leadership Development Course for example, we can include that for you. Or maybe on-boarding modules for new employees. We will make it happen for you!

Chart Learning Solutions’ customization includes setting up your own branded Learning Management System-our Training Accountability Platform, and creating courses specifically designed for your organization.

Research shows that optimal learning transfer takes place when participants can relate new information to real-world environments. We make a direct link between relevant content and real-life experiences.

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