Performance Assurance System Our award-winning blended learning solution for developing high-performing employees.

Awards Stevie Award

We spent $500K on a five-day customized sales training program. We did everything right, and all eyes were on it, yet it failed within 3 months. When we saw the robust content and architecture of Chart Learning Solutions’ accountability system, we knew we had hit all the right notes for a system that would deliver over the long-term. In fact, Chart has earned its reputation as, ‘the best turn-key training system on the market today.’ We put $3M on the bottom line in the first year.
Marketing Director, Leading Consumer Products Company
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Chart Learning Solutions invested a year of research to address the question, “Why doesn’t employee training work?” The answer is our award-winning turn-key “Performance Assurance System” in Sales, Customer Service, and Leadership training. Bottom line? Results you can take to the bank. How do we do it? Learning accountability. If there’s a skill deficiency with any of your employees, our blended system of live coaching and technology for learning and tracking is designed to find it and fix it—fast!

Performance Assurance System

How our Performance Assurance System Works

How does our Performance Assurance System give you exceptional customer service, improved customer satisfaction, higher sales results, and effective leadership development? We blend the efficiency of eLearning with high-impact live coaching conversations so that your team energizes itself—all baked into the system with administrative tracking capabilities. Your entire organization will build high-performance results with collaborative learning communities, live coaching, sharing the best intellectual capital, continuous improvement, 24/7 access to a learning path, and bringing out the best in people. Supercharge your staff into an inspired, high-performance team. Visit our Training Accountability Platform description and Request a demo.

We’re having amazing results with your Performance Assurance System and accountability structure. With your leadership process, I’ve made adjustments that have energized my staff. We’re getting great ideas and having discussions that get you thinking about what drives leadership excellence. As a manager, sales and customer service are passions of mine so this fits really well with our culture and needing to self-reflect. Also love the format–easy to use and track progress. People need a guide in how to do their jobs better, how to create a stronger career path, and be better leaders. This gives us a continuous program that provides all of that and much more. Thank you for making my job as a leader so much easier!
Customer Service Manager, Leading Translation Company