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Chart Learning Solutions’ off-the-shelf and custom training solutions are designed to solve staff development problems once and for all. If you really want your training investment to create lasting, cultural, and behavioral change, our Managed Accountability Plans™ (MAPs), Training Accountability Platform™ (TAP), and Performance Assurance System™ (PAS) in Sales, Customer Service, and Leadership will deliver the results you need.

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Results Through Employee Accountability

We provide a variety of corporate training delivery options to create high-performance employees, from bolstering leadership acumen, to building employee performance accountability, improving continuous coaching capabilities, and providing the right knowledge with collaborative learning communities. Training methods include:

Blended Leaning Technique

Blended Learning

As a full-service learning solutions company, Chart provides a suite of product and service solutions that bring continuity and organizational “glue” to your training initiatives. We blend any combination of training methods to solve your real-world challenges, including on-site programs, coaching, webinars, eLearning, or dynamic motivational speeches to jump-start a training initiative. Our training sticks because we:

  • systemically consider how the impact of productivity in one area affects others.
  • blend on-site ILT with live coaching, continuous accountability in our Performance Assurance System, and on-going support to provide results that last.
  • elevate good learning solutions to the best in high-impact performance improvement.
  • take a holistic approach to employee performance improvement using a unique four-stage process that transcends skill sets and interdepartmental boundaries.

No matter what skills are required, i.e. leadership, management, supervisory, sales, customer service, or team building, connecting them with a common language and process increases efficiency and your bottom line.

Contact us to learn how we simplify achieving the employee blended learning results you want–faster.

G.R.O.W Coaching

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Chart Learning Solutions’ coaching for business professionals takes the average to the top. Like a sports coach, effective coaches help you solve problems, complete more goals in less time, and stay on track. We use the GROW Coaching model to take your staff to the next level. But we teach you how to coach so that your most talented staff can effectively help others to be their best.

We offer on-site coach certification training programs for your managers, supervisors, or any knowledgeable employee so that they have a consistent format for bringing out the best in people.


eLearning and Accountability Programs

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Our methodology goes beyond typical “click and test” eLearning approaches so that when a score reaches your administrative tracking portal in the Performance Assurance System, it means employees not only know the skills and behaviors, but are applying them with confidence. Our unique blend of interactive on-line tutorials, Application Activities, Talking Points, “ everyone earns an A” quizzes, and live coaching guarantees lasting results.

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