Training Accountability Platform TAP into human potential with the right tools.


CHART Learning Solution’s Training Accountability Platform (TAP) is a robust learning portal built to handle all types of educational needs—eLearning, blended learning, classroom, virtual training, global operations, and partner businesses needing to distribute training.

Chart Training Technology

How are we different?

Sustainable Results Methodology
Our award-winning Performance Assurance System© (PAS) blended learning methodology shows you how to achieve sustainable results for all of your training initiatives. It’s baked right into the TAP system.

Turn-Key Tools
Our platform comes with all the tools necessary to integrate live coaching, work-shops, interactive work sheets, coaching materials, assessments, and gaming assets.

Measurable Behavioral Change
When training results really matter–when you need to see verifiable cultural and behavioral change, the combination of our 1) blended learning TAP functionality and 2) PAS methodology gets the job done.

Who’s a typical customer?

1. Large organizations needing to augment their “click and test” traditional LMS functions with a results-driven education platform. We integrate to your LMS through an API. Admin functions handle large amounts of users and structures. Option to brand your site.
2. An international company which needs to support their global subsidiaries with training and development, as well as support their customers and partners with easily accessible content. It is possible to provide TAP in local languages. Option to brand your site.
3. A content provider who needs to distribute their own content to their customers and wants built-in e-commerce functionality. Option to brand your site.
4. A midsize to smaller company which doesn’t have any supporting system for training or tracking employee professional development. Option to brand your site.

Chart’s Training Accountability Platform™ Value Proposition

Chart Learning Solutions provides a multitude of benefits to Learners:

  • 1. Provides a structured, activity-based coaching system for supervisors, managers, directors, trainers, or lead personnel to facilitate on-going employee learning targeted at specific performance objectives
  • 2. Converts classroom or other web-based training into desired real-world performance results
  • 3. Certifies that new skills, knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors are fully integrated into the workplace
  • 4. Pinpoints and corrects ineffective behaviors of poor performers—may be used in performance reviews to more accurately assess individual contributions, as well as flagging career stallers and blockages
  • 5. TAPs into employee potential by identifying:
    Top Performers—enhances performance of top producers to keep them at optimal levels
    Average Performers—identifies and accelerates migration of average performers into top producer levels
    Poor Performers—identifies poor performers, moves them into Average, and eventually into Top Performer levels
  • 6. Organizes vital resources into one comprehensive step-by-step plan
  • 7. Provides consistency of learning content, systems, and processes

    8. Increases bottom-line results by holding Learners accountable for desired skills, knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors, resolving performance gaps


  • 1. Compresses training time—one day of learning condensed into 2 hours
  • 2. Reaches unlimited learners through internet delivery platform, 24/7
  • 3. Reduces training costs through rapid development & dissemination
  • 4. Eliminates travel and trainer costs
  • 5. On-demand delivery increases convenience
  • 6. Promotes cross-networking and informal learning opportunities with Chart’s Learning Communities
  • 7. Blends accountability with e-learning to create lasting cultural change
  • 8. Chart’s MAPs and Application Activities connect the dots between training content and on-the-job performance so that new skills stick
  • 9. Identifies and corrects employee performance gaps so that everyone is working at optimal levels
  • 10. Provides learning resources to close skill and knowledge gaps
  • 11. Engages managers and staff in identifying and eliminating work-place obstacles to clear the way for high performance results
  • 12. Empowers employees to set goals, make sound decisions, solve problems, and unleash innovative solutions
  • CoachingIdentify and overcome performance and work satisfaction obstacles, ensuring accountability through Accountability Coaching Meetings.
  • ArchitectureUnique course design addresses internal processes, custom procedures, as well as customer satisfaction responsibilities. Content addresses both foundational training of new hires, as well as the on-going advanced needs of highly-skilled professionals.
  • Continuous LearningResults-driven improvement becomes a consistent part of long-term learning initiatives in Sales, Customer Service, and Leadership.
  • AccountabilityMeasure and eliminate performance gaps with Skill Inventory Assessments, Managed Accountability Plans, Application Activities, quizzes, and monthly Coach/Learner evaluation.
  • ConvenienceEmployees have 24/7 access to over 300 tutorials 24 hours a day, 365 days a week from any location in the world.
  • InnovationInteractive audio-graphic tutorials; paperless Application Activities; internal Learning Communities; coaching scheduler; Goal Action Planners, and progress reporting.

Strengthens Talent

  • Assess current skills and chart your path to peak performance with sequenced MAPs™ for continuous weekly learning
  • Use peer, self, and coach evaluations to celebrate strengths, identify opportunities for development, and close performance gaps with Goal Action Planners (GAPs™)
  • Help retain employees through a career development skill path and collaborative learning groups for a cross-pollination of innovative ideas

Reduces Training Costs

  • No-fee customized solutions by using our Application Activities, coaching sessions, one-click linking of any documents within the MAP—marrying your existing material within the system
  • Organize all training material under one virtual roof
  • Eliminate all travel, trainer, hotel, and other expenses

Resolves PerformanceIssues

  • Build a common language
  • TAP™ into performance—identify Top, Average and Poor—no hiding
  • Create consistency in evaluation, reports, and performance results
  • Reach unlimited learners worldwide
  • Create a continuous process for driving results, eliminating “spot” training and duplication of efforts

Online Collaboration

  • Upload company documents
  • Create shared or independent knowledge banks of content
  • Expand learning experience into broader, more comprehensive discussions
  • Position subject matter experts to answer questions through Learner and Coach messaging systems
  • Cross-pollinate ideas in coaching sessions with small groups
  • Set up coach and mentor relationships between employees and experts

Blended Learning

  • Infuse your custom procedural and training material throughout our standard course libraries
  • Integrate divergent resources into one organized plan, increase accountability, guarantee transfer of learning, increase retention, and enhance peak performance
  • Guaranteed accountability in face-to-face coaching sessions
  • Maximize utilization of existing resources


  • Make continuous improvement a cultural standard, not an event
  • Learners assigned MAPs on a regular, progressive schedule for 12, 16, and 24 months for on-going learning
  • Choose Cycle-Management or Self-Management skills for continuous professional and personal development, both customer-facing and self-development facing
  • Traditional training methods can be integrated with web-based tools
  • eLearning (click and test) versus MAP Learning (click, test, verify transfer of learning with coaching and accountability)