Become a Certified Chart Coach


If you are looking into running your own business or develop a business unit within your existing company to Coach Leaders, Teams, Sales-, and Customer service employees then you should become a Certified Chart Coach. When you become a Certified Chart Coach, we will provide you with all the necessary tools including our methodology for you to deliver any successful coaching assignment.

The Certified Chart Coach Program

  • You will learn how to multiply your ability to help hundreds of people all at once by using our turn-key system and how to do both virtual coaching and onsite coaching. As a basis, we use part of the GROW methodology.
  • You will get a thorough understanding of our Performance Assurance System™ and how it works selling and coaching around Leadership and employee soft skills
  • You will do our Coaching & Mentoring Course where there is a formal approval by one of our Assessors.
  • All this will be done as part-time over 2 months period and you can do this in parallel of your existing work. Get prepared to run your own business or become a company coach. Become a Chart Certified Coach!



How to become a Certified Chart Coach?

  • First, you have to request our Application documents where you have to describe the following;
    • Your main skills as a leader
    • What area you want to work in
    • Geography
    • Some personal data
  • When we have assessed your application and it is approved, we will enroll you in our class to become a Chart Certified Coach.