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Finding good partners is the key to grow business successfully. See our world-leading partners.
Nine Leaders

NineLeaders: Redefining leadership for a dynamic world. Pioneering innovative frameworks and sparking transformative conversations to shape the future of effective leadership


Paladin Consulting is a leading performance-oriented consultancy servicing the South African market. They work on operational performance optimization and skills development.

All Personal Skills Coach

All Personal Skills Coach : Led by a TEDx Speaker and Ex Global Head of Learning & Development. From executives to mid-senior managers and startup co-founders, they empower every individual to thrive in collaborative success.


Reeds courses is the UK’s largest marketplace of courses connecting people with the right learning opportunities”

pioneer pulse

Pioneer Pulse Learning is a leading company in progressive learning and cutting-edge technological methodologies. It provides excellent training experience in product and service

Area Lycem Area9 Lyceum builds 21st century skills and competencies through the world’s first four-dimensional learning platform, Area9 Rhapsode™. Based on more than 20 years of research into human factors and cognition, our AI-based platform delivers truly personalized learning at scale – cutting training time in half, guaranteeing proficiency and making lasting impacts on careers and business outcomes.


PDHengineer :It has issued more than 825,000 online PDH credits since 2003, with diverse courses authored by 200+ experts to meet PDH requirements across various fields of practice. 

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Opensesame presents with the most comprehensive catalog of elearning courses from the world’s top publishers, we are here to help you every step of the way.


IntRAtrain (Russel and associates): It has pioneered authoring software for corporate training, serving clients like Pioneer Hybrid and 3M. With over 30 years in education and distance learning, they excel at understanding and meeting client needs.


MTW: They specialize in training top national and international leaders to become effective communicators, earning accolades such as the Best Large HR Suppliers award since 2018 and SME Leader and Excellence Status since 2020 from their clients.


ODEM : It connects learners, employers, and education providers for affordable, accessible, and verifiable education and employment opportunities. Gain insights, refine skills, and access recruitment tailored to your professional profile for lifelong learning and career growth.

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Go1’s expansive selection of courses enable your workforce to develop the skills they need for an ever-changing world.

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Chart Learning Solutions part of Microsoft for Startups.


ODILO : It’s a world’s largest content ecosystem, caters to diverse organizations’ needs, offering educational resources from national curricula to corporate training. With over 170 million users globally, it boasts a library of 4 million+ multi-format resources.

3 Peak

3 Peak: It’s Nevada’s top consulting firm that empowers CEOs to excel with transformative tools and mindsets, propelling businesses to industry-leading success through proven methods and strategic guidance.

World Education

World Education partners with colleges and universities to provide students the best possible online class experience. Students can train for a rewarding and in-demand career around their busy schedules, without needing to attend a college or university campus.

Become a Gold Partner

A Gold Partner can choose if she/he wants to sell our Micro-learning courses only, e.g. if you are an e-learning company and need to enhance your offering with our vast catalog of leading courses.

You can also become a Gold Partner who is focused on delivering projects with our Blended Learning courses utilizing our award-winning methodology, Assessment and Coaching. Then we require you to have specific skills in either Leadership, Sales or Customer Service. We provide you with all the tools needed.

We are currently recruiting Gold Partners in all English speaking countries where 1st and 2nd   language is English.

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