Sales Skills Inventory Assessments

Sales Skills Inventory Assessments

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What is Sales Skills Inventory Assessment?

Sales Skills Inventory Assessment can be used as a self-assessment tool by individuals or a 360º feedback tool. Sales and service professionals stay in peak performance by constantly honing their skills to stay on track so that they can best serve customer needs.

Sales Effectiveness Gap Analysis

Chart Learning Solutions’ Sales Skills Inventory Assessments not only measure 24 critical areas of sales competency but also reveal the sequence in which they take place in order to drive desired results.

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Two Skill Inventories:

1. Sales Cycle-Management and 2. Sales Self-Management totaling 120 questions. Our self-scoring tool diagnoses strengths and opportunities for improvement in coaching sales performance

Chart Learning Solutions’ eLearning is also available for each skill area. The analysis of sales skills report is immediately generated upon completion with comparisons to industry averages. Approximate time to complete each Inventory Assessment: 10 minutes.

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