Certified Chart Coach (CCC)

Certified Chart Coach

How will becoming a CCC help you and how does it work?

What is a Certified Chart Coach?

By becoming a Certified Chart Coach, you will learn all the skills on how to coach leaders, sales teams and customer service employees to improve the overall business performance. This is your opportunity to help other people grow and reach their full potential. You will have access to all our content and coaching material to start immediately. CCC allows you to bring out the best in people with effective live coaching that motivates, trains, and inspires top performance in supportive, collaborative and social learning communities.

The next Certified Chart Coach course starts 2 November 2020.

Limited space available. Book now to avoid disappointment!


Enhance your current business solution and broaden your repertoire with our award-winning content and methodology.

56 courses in Leadership, Sales, Customer Service and Team Building will be part of your portfolio.

Become a Certified Chart Coach within your own organization to implement successful training projects OR run your own business.

Start a healthy coaching relationship with your clients to help them achieve their goals with no massive capital investment.

Apply the fundamentals of a proven methodology that create behavioural change at individual, group and organizational level.

When you become a Certified Chart Coach, you will get access to all marketing material which you may co-brand with Chart Learning Solutions.

You have the opportunity to use your Chart Certified Coach logo in LinkedIn and on your own website showcasing that you are approved.

We will only require 2-3 hours per week for the 4-6 weeks duration – enabling you to complete the course on the side, whilst completing possible existing work.

Have the tools and skills that you can use immediately with your clients or in your career.

Steps to Apply for the CCC Course:

  • Request to DOWNLOAD our free brochure by filling in the application requirements.
  • Click GET STARTED to book a preliminary scoping call.
  • A short Online Survey will be sent to you to be filled out before the call.
  • Our call together will then allow us to understand your current scenario. You will be enrolled in our course to help you achieve exceptional growth.

"I was impressed with the system before, but after the first Certified Chart Coach session I am even more impressed with the functionality."

James Tastard, Ph.D
Founder and Chair, Executive Advisory Board
High Performance Leadership Academy, USA