Chart Learning Solutions Has Been Named a Leading Sales Consultant in Sales Training Coaching 2022 by Selling Power Magazine

Båstad, Sweden – December 21, 2021 –: Selling Power magazine, the leading media company for B2B sales leaders, recently named Peter Horwing, CEO of Chart Learning Solutions, a Leading Sales Consultant in 2022. 

Chart Learning Solutions has been helping companies improve Sales, Customer Service, Leadership and Employee Productivity through training programs for over three decades. Their Hybrid Learning approach, which blends e-learning with one-on-one coaching, has seen great success over the years. Moreover, Chart’s award-winning Performance Assurance System provides an effective and innovative learning solution that has brought in sustainable learning results for each individual. 

As CEO, Peter has been a driving force in Chart Learning Solutions’ success. With over 30 years of experience in the software and service industry, Peter is an expert in driving positive behavior to achieve results. In fact, his knowledge of the tech industry was crucial in the recent launch of the Chart Sales Academy that offers a personalized Sales Academy to individual fast-growing companies. 

As Peter says, “The world changed with the pandemic – the turning point where online training with live virtual coaching got full power. We developed 120 online sales training courses, each with coaching material, individual assessments and technology to secure knowledge transfer. I knew that best practices are to be found within a corporation but you need to create an environment that both welcomes and stimulates change. This is what we are doing together with customers. Chart Sales Academy brings a turn-key solution to small & medium fast-growing companies.” 

About Selling Power Magazine   

For four decades, Selling Power has worked with sales consultants who help sales teams and executive leaders produce better revenue results for their companies. The Selling Power leadership team says this year’s list represents best-in-class consultants who have deep expertise in essential areas for any sales organization, including sales strategy, sales training, sales coaching, pricing, sales credibility, and more. 

Selling Power founder and CEO Gerhard Gschwandtner says: “Our list of Leading Sales Consultants features some incredible and insightful thought leaders who have a proven track record of helping sales teams improve in any economic environment. This list is a valuable resource for any sales leader who wants to help their sales team reach the next level of success in 2022..”

The complete list can be viewed here.

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About Chart Learning Solutions Sweden AB:

Chart Learning Solutions has 30 years of improving sales, customer service, leadership, and employee productivity through training programs and eLearning accountability programs. Chart Learning Solutions also provides an effective, innovative learning solution through its Performance Assurance System™, which is an internationally-awarded methodology, researched by Chart, to provide sustainable learning results for each individual.

For more information:
Contact: Peter Hörwing, CEO
+46 709 245 666

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