Emotional Intelligence

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    Emotional Intelligence skills form the foundation

    for communication, relationships, leadership, motivation, high performance, and focus

    A recent study of the Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development in the UK (CIPD) says that:

    ‘Nearly as much as 80% of the reasons why careers are derailed can be traced to weaknesses in Emotional Intelligence.’”

    This blended course contains 5 modules to ensure participants will have a comprehensive understanding that:

    of the EI competencies and why this is such a valuable life skill. The course consists of 4 hours of online learning and 2 hours of virtual coaching.

      “I highly recommend this course to anyone who is keen on learning new ways to manage their emotions, to improve their day to day impact and relationships with more empathy and self-awareness. The platform is very easy to navigate and the quizzes, case studies, and self-reflection exercises add an empirical lens to the theory.

      Valeria P., Manager, Deloitte Canada

      “It’s amazing to see how closely all the EQ competencies are connected to leadership. I can see this course to be valuable in my leadership class. Users will have a much deeper appreciation for how to develop both EQ and leadership.”

      JZ, Professional Development Trainer

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