Chart Learning Solutions Launches A New Leadership Development Suite Titled “Leading With Senses & Skills Suite” At The Upskill & Reskill 2023 Virtual Fair

Chart Learning Solutions Launches A New Leadership Development Suite Titled “Leading With Senses & Skills Suite” At The Upskill & Reskill 2023 Virtual Fair

London, 26th January 2023: Chart Learning Solutions is launching its latest suite of award-winning courses on leadership development titled “Leading with Senses & Skills Suite™” at the Upskill and Reskill Virtual Fair, 2023, conducted by, a part of the Keystone Education Group. The Fair is being held between the 26th and 28th of Jan 2023 and offers participants an opportunity to network and connect with thought leaders and professional training providers in the learning industry, not to mention get training from them to improve skills for the future.     

According to Peter Horwing, CEO of Chart Learning Solutions, the courses included in “Leading with Senses & Skills Suite” teach leaders how to be more empathetic and kinder to both them and their team in an increasingly diverse environment. The library itself includes the all-new courses: “Leading with kindness”, “Emotional Intelligence”, understanding “Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging”, “Communication Skills, and “Resilience”. 

The Subject Matter Expert, Roxana Radulescu, the Founder of All Personal Leadership & Team Coaching, launch “Leading with Kindness” in a webinar conducted by Peter, in conversation with Roxana, for the Upskill & Reskill Virtual Fair. The two speak about the impact of kindness in leadership and why it is the best leadership approach for the future. They also answer questions about what to watch out for to grow as a kind and successful leader. 

According to Roxana, “kind leadership brings the best long-term results, especially in terms of attracting, motivating, and retaining employees. This is because kindness in leadership creates stronger connections between people, and also improves collaboration, increases trust, and enhances loyalty. Moreover, studies show that kind leaders are perceived as stronger and more competent”. 

Peter Hörwing “We have worked hard for a year to make this world-wide launch of the hot topic of leading with kindness and being able to launch the complete “Leading with Senses & Skills Suite”. In today’s world, we do believe that bringing kindness into our daily work and life as part of leading employees will make individuals and companies stronger and more competitive. It is possible to learn the skills needed to be that kind of a leader, and this suite of courses teaches you those skills”. 

Join the webinar or visit Chart’s booth at Upskill & Reskill 2023, and you will have the possibility to do a free evaluation of the complete suite. 

Andrew Kirk, Managing Director of Findcourses, “The Upskill & Reskill Virtual Fair is becoming a big and important event for companies and individuals. It is an honor having Chart Learning Solutions making their world-wide launch on an important topic such as leading with senses”. The Virtual Fair is free with special Goodie bags for both companies and individuals”


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