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How much does e-learning and blended learning cost?

One of the questions we often get, how much does it cost to do e.g. a Leadership course or a complete Leadership Development Program and here is an explanation on what you should consider when calculating and pricing indications for different solutions.

Chart Learning Solutions has bundled courses into what we call core competencies. These can be Time Management, Project Management, Critical Thinking, Emotional Intelligence, Service Attitude and so on.

Within each of the bundles, there are 5 courses, about 15 minutes long with Knowledge checks and Application Activities for each course.

The reason for having Application Activities is that you will have a work material to start applying your newly acquired skills and get input from a Certified Chart Coach™.

If you just want an eLearning course bundle such as Time Management, it normally costs between $33-$40 depending on how long access you want to have to the course. If you want a complete Leadership Development Curriculum or Sales Curriculum, you should calculate with around $400 per person. This is a full-year program with one-year access. If you are more than 50 employees up many thousands, there are volume discounts. Please get in direct contact with us at info@chartlearningsolutions.com/

Since we are talking about Blended Learning that means that we need to have a human interaction to secure knowledge transfer. We take this seriously why all of our coaches are certified by us.

You will find Certified Chart Coaches™ around the world and we will be happy to guide you to one. Sometimes we will do the coaching direct from us.

So, how much does a Coach cost. This really depends on where you are in the world, but you need to expect somewhere between $50 – $200 per hour. A Coach can do one-on-one coaching or do it as group coaching.

With today’s tools such as the Training Accountability Platform™ and Zoom with break-out rooms, there is really no need for having onsite training, more than building the social connect. It will be just as good, maybe even better since you can work in your own pace in between the coach sessions.


Do I need to have my own LMS (Learning Management System)?

No, you do not need to have your own LMS. Chart Learning Solutions can upload any user or content to the Chart LMS and make that available for you as an individual or as an organization.

If you are having internal/external coaches, then we will upload their profiles into the system so the learners will know who their coach is. The Chart LMS (the Training Accountability Platform™) is optimized for the blended learning experience.


If I have my own LMS, how does it work then?

Let’s say you are a bigger organization and you have an existing LMS, then you have two possibilities; we can provide all courses in SCORM 1.2 format to your LMS or we can create a link in your LMS connecting it to the Chart LMS.

What is most convenient for you? Sometimes larger organizations face long lead-times when you need to have courses uploaded and tested. By connecting it directly to us, we can start the training immediately and you will get the results from the training. You decide!


If I want to become a Certified Chart Coach™, what do I need to do?

Ask us to be invited to one of our Chart Coach Network meetings where we share experience between coaches. It is a great way to get to know more on how to become a successful coach.

You can also apply directly from our website https://www.chartlearningsolutions.com/about-us/certified-chart-coach/and we will get in contact with you. We run our Certified Chart Coach™ courses regularly.


How long time does it take to become a Certified Chart Coach™?

It normally takes 2-3 months to become certified. You will participate in three 2-hours webinars where you get all the insight of the Blended Learning Formula, access to content, marketing material and much more.

In between the webinars, you will have work assignments. The course ends with an individual examination where you have to prove your skills as a Chart Coach.

The course ends with an individual examination where you have to prove your skills as a Chart Coach. In total, you will need to invest +20 hours.


How does Chart Leadership courses compare to other Leadership training courses?

We have not done analysis of all Leadership courses but we know there are some key differences from feedback from our customers. As an example, Chart develops all of our courses in Articulate Software 360 which means that you will get a premium feeling and that all +275 courses will look the same.

If you have done one, you will recognize yourself in the next one.

Another difference is that we have built all courses to be done both as an e-learning and as a blended learning experience.

This means that you will have access to coach material in each course to learn how to apply your skills into your work situation.

Many companies appreciate that you can get your own designed curriculum (Program) based on the outcomes of the Assessments.

We create these within hours, and you will have your personalized or company curriculum available. You can even name it as you wish!


What are some of the key benefits with Chart training?

Chart’s expertise is at helping organizations with:
• Begin conversations that stimulate creativity and innovation
• Create effective processes that drive positive outcomes and results
• Improve employee accountability through our Performance Assurance System™
• Build a common language that enhances communication between sales, service, and leading managers


Which awards have Chart Learning Solutions received?

Chart has received several awards, the latest being in the top 20 companies for best online learning catalog in soft skills by Training Industry, the Watchlist.

We have also received 5 Brandon Hall Awards for outstanding customer results (it is the customer applying for these).


Is it possible to customize the courses?

Yes, you can get it personalized. We have two layers of customization. The first layer is in the Application Activities.

This is a work which our Certified Chart Coaches are involved in. We can set different customer/company scenario in the Application Activities which means that you will apply your skills acquired into your specific scenario.

This is a cost-efficient way to get a customized course available for you.

The second layer is customization directly into our courses. We have the possibility to provide courses with your own logos, welcoming sentences, updating language to your company language and possibly adding knowledge checks which you find important. This is done either by us or through one of our customization partners.


What learning results can we expect?

You should expect the best but in order to get this, you will need to follow the Blended Learning Formula, have executive sponsorship, use the Certified Chart Coaches, and secure individual accountability.

Then you will have all possibilities to reach long-term results for your teams independent if it is in Leadership, Customer Service, or Sales!


What is the ideal team size to achieve good results?

There are no limits! We manage training form 1 person to the 1000’s. A cohort is normally 8-10 persons.



Who is the target group within Chart courses?

We train Leaders who have had experience from 1-5 years or who is to become a leader. They will be part of our Leadership Development Curriculum where they are trained in the core competencies as a Leader.

Sales training is in the B2B where you get a very thorough training. We can integrate your sales methodology or recommend one of the leading methodologies to be implemented to secure your results.

The Customer Service Training applies to all customer facing employees including helpdesk.

The Building High-Performance Teams Series is normally directed to any team, or project team wanting to understand all elements creating a great high-performing team. This includes also what to do when it does not work out.


Can I pay with credit card?

Yes, you can pay with credit-card or receive an invoice.


Is it possible to make a trial before purchasing?

If you are doing an evaluation for an organization or if you consider becoming a Chart GOLD Partner, you may receive a trial in advance. This is done by contacting us directly.


I am interested to become a GOLD Partner, what should I do?

Please contact us on info@chartlearningsolutions.com/ about becoming a GOLD Partner. We will setup an introductory meeting where we discuss your potential, geography and specific competences. We enter partnership when both parties find it to become successful.


What are the requirements to become a GOLD Partner?

The normal GOLD Partner has experience from classic training or from e-learning customization. Both have the wish to complement their product portfolio in soft skills.


Does Chart have any Assessments?

Chart has five Skills Inventory Assessments in Leadership Development (60 questions), Sales Cycle Management (60 questions), Sales Self Management (60 questions), Customer Service Cycle Management (40 questions) and Customer Service Self Management (40 questions).

These Assessments measures the actual skill as required in the different roles. The Assessments can be consolidated to the company level or any other hierarchy to get a picture on where to invest.