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Bring Your Message To the Receiver

Grab the Attention of Your Audience with Powerful Presentation Skills

Our courses come in five sections, each with interactive Tutorials, interactive Application Activities, game quizzes, and final exams. Make presentations that win business now.

What You Will Learn?

Planning Persuasive Presentations

Apply the four P’s of persuasive presentations, implement the three V’s of communication, know how to build trust, demonstrate how to use “trouble” in selling, organize presentations with the three T’s

Preparing Presentations that Sell

Know the four parts of a “Presentation Body,” implement three ways to increase your persuasion influence, apply guidelines for preparing an “Elevator Speech,” and create a compelling closing call to action

Practicing for Perfect Delivery

Apply five guidelines for practicing your craft, know how to make six minor adjustments that can make a major difference, and implement five strategies to coach your mindset

Presenting with Impact

Apply four ways to present with vocal impact, employ five strategies to increase your visual impact, and apply five guidelines for presenting an effective impromptu speech

Avoiding Mistakes and Rx for Anxiety

Know how to avoid the ten biggest presentation mistakes and implement nine prescriptions for managing anxiety

How Strong Are Your Presentation Skills?

Our course will equip you with all the tools necessary to transfer knowledge into immediately actionable behaviours.