Selling in Turbulent Time

ramp up your revenue

What You Will Learn?

Gain Competitive-Edge Sales Skills

  • 10 powerful closes to advance the sale to Yes!
  • 4 strategies for moving objections to Yes!
  • 2 words guaranteed to increase your income!


Sell More in Less Time

  • 10 biggest time drains are eliminated to make more money
  • 5 ways to reach your quota when the market is “off”
  • 2 techniques for managing multiple “A” priorities for highest payoff

Manage Stress During Non-Stop Turmoil

  • 4 stages of thriving in non-stop change
  • 10 chronic sales stressors and energy drains are overcame
  • 8 key is balanced areas for maximum productivity

Ask the Right Questions: STeR Questions

  • The Big Five qualifiers: How to avoid objections
  • How to motivate interest and overcome buying indifference
  • Ask the right question that confirms the sale for you

What Are People Saying About Selling in Downtime?

“Consumers don't stop buying when economies
go dollar they spend and so do their customers
through down cycles. They look harder for value.”

– Kevin Roberts, Saatchi & Saatchi

“During economic downturns, we are zealous about
expanding our customer base, knowing that
even in a slowdown some of our customers
and potential customers are growing.”

– State of the Industry participant

Our Strategy

The best performing sales managers can always be confident with our six strategies. The real question is—can you?

sales in turbulent time
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Making Selling From Breakage To Breakthrough