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Become a Chart Certified Coach
Certified Coaches in the Europe, US and SE Asia.
Now expanding into following languages: English, Spanish, French and Portuguese

Become a Certified Chart Coach™

Access to all the tools required for a coaching career

Entry Level– Application form to be sent in

Experience Needed

You do need to have experience as a manager, coach, trainer or to become a Certified Chart Coach. If you have a passion for helping people develop and grow, then this is the right course for you


15 Hours

6 hours training done over 3 scheduled virtual meetings, 8 hours of assignments between meetings and 1-hour examination


Knowledge Check and Work Material

You will have a virtual examination with Chart examinators to ensure you are ready to coach your customers and understand the key benefits and how to sell Chart Learning Solutions to your clients.

Course Provider

Chart Learning Solutions



The online Certified Chart Coach training will be virtual and online. Courses starts regularly


Certified Chart Coach

Ideal For

You are currently a trainer or consultant and want to expand your offering. You might be new and not sure where to start, this is ideal to help and guide you as a coach.


Internet access and email

Becoming a Certified Chart Coach™

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