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Build High-Performance Teams-
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Develop High-Performance Teams

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Entry Level

No Experience Need

You don’t need previous experience from how to build high-performance teams. If you want to become successful a team role or project-leader role. This is the course for you!


24 Hours

24h for the complete course in Building High-Performance Teams.

You can add onsite facilitation for team-building exercise in the end of the course.


Knowledge Check and Work Material

Each course has knowledge checks with multiple questions. In addition, there are Application Activities to apply your knowledge into your own work situation. For Coaches, there are work materials to secure your successful knowledge transfer.

Course Provider

Chart Learning Solutions



The online team building course can be taken at any time and from any place.


No Certifications

Ideal For

Any person working in or leading a team and who wants to excel in their role.


Internet, email and a possible onsite exercise (not part of standard course).

Enrol Time

Two weeks before the start

Start Time

First Monday of every month

Course Overview

Our Team Building Program covers the four stages of building a high-performing team: FORMING, STORMING, NORMING, and PERFORMING

Team Building Stages of Team Life


1, Forming

  • Setting Team Ground Rules
  • A Great Start: Forming a High Perfomance Team
  • Communication Traits of Effective Teams
  • Smarter Goal Setting for Team Results

2, Storming 

  • Conflict Resolution in Teams
  • Building Team Trust and Respect
  • Creative Problem-Solving in Teams
  • Effective Team Decision-Making

3, Norming

  • Consensus Building in Teams
  • Giving Constructive Team Feedback
  • Responsible Risk-Taking in Teams
  • Overcoming Team Complacency

4, Performing

  • Rewarding and Recognizing Team Contributions
  • Keeping the Team Motivated
  • Measuring Team Performance
  • Repeating Team Successes