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We believe in empowering individuals through high-quality online learning experiences. Our team of certified coaches is hand-picked for their expertise and experience across various fields. No matter where you are in the world, we can help you achieve your learning goals.

Sue Schwartz

Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex,
United States

Betsy Gordon

United States

Mark Davy

Denver Metropolitan Area, 
United States

Alexander von Ziebel

Gothenburg, Sweden

Cristiana Mitcheva

Vienna, Austria

Toni Montevidoni

Porto Civitanova, Italy

Valerie Brereton

Swords, Ireland

Silvia Didier

Greater Lyon Area, French

Vanessa Phillips

San Diego, United States

Dina Karatza

GreecePorto Civitanova, Italy

Rainer Wolf


Chokmun Soong

Melbourne, Australia

Andrew Grunewald

Johannesburg, South Africa

Suleiman Shaibu

Lagos State, Nigeria

Chris Borum

Elk River, United States

Roxana Radulescu

Toronto, Canada

Sonja Robinson

Greater Zurich Area, Switzerland

Annette Sternberg

Durban, South Africa

Fabienne Leclerc

Brussels, Belgium

Roxana Radulescu

Toronto, Canada

Hennie Lombaard

South Africa

Peter Horwing