Expertise/Employee Retention

Many organizations face challenges in developing expertise and retaining top talent. Employees may lack leadership skills, struggle to identify their strengths, or fail to establish credibility, hindering their growth potential. Meanwhile, ineffective interviewing and inadequate nurturing of employees can lead to high turnover rates.

This course addresses these issues by enabling learners to assess their leadership expertise, identify strengths, apply steps for gaining and maintaining credibility, implement guidelines for conducting interviews, and explain strategies for nurturing and retaining valuable employees. By mastering these competencies, organizations can cultivate a skilled, engaged workforce and maintain a competitive edge.
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Learning Objectives

John Davis

John Davis has more than 10 years experience working within organizations, mainly in HR functions. He has worked with startups, small and medium-sized businesses, and large corporations, including in recruitment, performance appraisal, training and coaching. He has coached leaders and teams to unlock their potential, to innovate, adapt, and grow. His coaching is based on a deep understanding of their strengths, their needs, how they connect with others, and how they learn.